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If you want to prepare your mindset for success to pursue your financial freedom journey then you need to get into our inner circle. The reason why most people fail is because of their mindset. Discover how we can change this for you!

Why Join the Exclusive Inner Circle? And How Does It Work?

Many people have done it! Now it is time for you to do it and actually create Automated Income Streams. I would like to see you also achieve new levels of abundance and success by means of our Exclusive Inner Circle. 

You will get instant access to our vetted and tested automated income projects FOR LIFE. As time progress, I will also notify you of new projects that we participate in. Everything at your fingertips to bring you success.
Beyond the detailed step by step videos that will give you everything you need to succeed, you will also get personal 1 on 1 access to one of my team members who already have the experience and results to assist you. 
Most importantly, you will be investing into yourself. Your new mindset will support you to make financially empowered decisions to keep you SAFE and sustain your Wealth for many lifetimes. There is no other way to success.
What Will I Get In The Exclusive Inner Circle Membership? 

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or Even QUADRUPLING your experience of Wealth & Freedom...
But Do You Know Which Tweaks You Need To Make?

Take A Look At The Next Level Of Abundance & Success
Your once off membership fee is to give you access to the exclusive Inner Circle. This membership fee is to give you first hand knowledge on vetted projects we are working with, anyone outside of this membership will not have access to this protected information. Most importantly, you will also get access to the resources to help you with a low risk approach like the Bonus Wealth Mindset Video Collection which is a series of educational videos educating you on building your wealth.
  • ​AUTOMATED INCOME SYSTEMS: I'll show you the systems I'm using to generate multiple income streams.
  • ​PROJECT REVIEWS: Introductions to successful projects we are working with (*each with their own respective costs)
  • INSIDE SECRETS:  My personal strategies, tips & tricks that are exclusive to the Inner Circle
  • ​WEALTH MINDSET VIDEO COLLECTION: Bonus product - How To Build Wealth, Become A Real Investor 
  • ​PROFESSIONAL TEAM ASSISTANCE: Our of our team members may assist you. 
  • ​LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: Benefit from being a lifetime member with free updates and new information

This price will not always be available, take action now...

*For Inner Circle access only. Note, each reviewed project has its own respective costs.

Testimonials About Inner Circle Access to These Vetted & Testesd Automated Income Projects:
Within ONE MONTH of starting, I have managed to generate automated income matching my monthly expenses. I still enjoy doing Business coaching and get immense fulfilment from doing what I love. I can encourage anyone to start and take the first steps towards generating Automated Income.

S.J. Pretorius - Master Business Coach - South-Africa. Mobile: +27 83 390 4859
When my dentistry practice halted overnight due to the lock down, I started realising the importance of building an "Automated Income" together with my active income. Even thought I find much joy in doing my work, automated income is very beneficial and now I've started to teach my kids at a young age how to master these money systems to work for them.

Dr. Orlando Rojas - Biological Dentist - South-Africa Tel +27 12 346 5615 E-mail: Info@southafricadentist.com
Automated income has given us the opportunity to break away from our 8am- 5pm corporate positions and gift us time to pursue our passions. These opportunity does not come along often, make sure you use them. 

Esca Coetzee - Environmental Specialist, now Equine assisted Neuro Coach - South-Africa - Mobile +27 82 875 6800
I cannot tell you enough how much I'm grateful for automated income! because it allowed me to leave my construction business that caused a lot of stress in my life and I am now living on my dream farm in Africa!

Sean Koekemoer - Construction industry - South-Africa. Mobile: +27 72 789 3864
I first heard of Automated Income on 18 February 2020 and started to gain more info and did some due diligence regarding it. On 05 March 2020 I decided to give it a go. First funded with R5k to test the waters. A week later I decided to add some more money and funded with another R10k. Within 5 weeks I doubled my money with the help of referrals.

Watching al possible videos and attending every possible webinar I realize that you can actually generate some extra automated income. I started referring and I really worked hard to build up a team which then increased my team bonuses on a weekly base.

Mid-June 2020 the company where I worked decided not to renew my contract and I was without a job and income. Well, needless to say, since then I am in a position to withdraw a monthly salary from my investments without touching my capital money and my total portfolio is still growing every day and night, even while I’m sleeping.

Thank you for making this possible. But I also want to thank my entire team. Without you it would not have be possible.

Blikkies Blignaut - Phalaborwa, South Africa - Contract worker
 Mobile +27 78 451 1087
There are no words to express the difference Automated Income has made in my life.

I am present in my own life for the first time in a very long time. I don't have that soul crushing feeling of not being able to be at 4 places simultaneously.  

I have the ability now to be present where and with whom I choose. I am making an amazing income and spending my time with those who matter the most!!! Time is the most precious possession that we have been granted by our creator and I intended on making every second count!!!
Blessed and Grateful beyond what any words and Convey! 

Michelle Krog - Key Accounts Manager - South-Africa
+27 82 619 1415

I am still in the process of compounding up to my personal monthly goal
The reason being to relieve stress to perform every month to get a reasonable salary.  I am currently at 50% of my goal and i hope to reach 100% by end of Feb next year

Pete - Financial Advisor

I just want to say thank you for introducing me to one of the automated income platforms. I've been a stay at home Mom not able to contribute to the family financially and I can finally contribute while still being at home with my daughter. Even though it is small, I'm positive it will grow with time. I'm so grateful.

Zarlene Zwalen - Mother - South-Africa
Cell +27 82 373 2575
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  •  Vetted & tested projects in Private Members area with Step-by-step videos ($197 value)
  •  In-person help from a fellow team member ($97 value)
  •  Low risk strategy from wealth mindset video collection ($177 value)
  • ​Bonus: Business building video recording ($47 value)
  • ​Lifetime access! ($priceless) 

*For Inner Circle access only. Note, each reviewed project has its own respective costs.

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