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#1 Automated Income
How to create Multiple streams of Automated Income without having to start a new job or business!
2# Location Freedom
Master money to work for you every day and night whilst maintaining your Geographical and Time freedom
3# Wealth Mindset
Learn a refreshing and powerful new way to think about money that you've never heard before. You will gain a new level of wealth consciousness! 

Henrico Hanekom is a 
Blockchain Multi-Millionaire

"What do I do? For those people who sense that there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing, I help them to overcome their own stuckness and unlock new levels of abundance in every area of their lives. I get immense fulfilment from helping people achieve this and seeing them make quantum leaps of change! Could you be that person? Here is my promise, if you are ready, I can help you help yourself and do the same." 
Henrico Hanekom
With his rapid insights into new technologies, Henrico unlocks novel opportunities in the decentralised economy that is taking the world by storm!

Originally owning and managing multiple traditional businesses, Henrico kept evolving along with a changing technological world. His energetic, forward-looking nature pushed him to stay ahead of the trend in order to not only survive, but flourish.

Teaching his unconvensional wisdom in an authentic and inspiring way has proven its value to many students who testify to becoming self-empowered in thier own financial and geographical freeddom.

After setting himself the goal to be geographically and financially free, he started to focus on gaining experience with building online income streams. It proved to be much harder than he thought with many pit-falls. What the so-called ‘money gurus’ were saying was not working and he failed numerous times as part of the learning curve.

Henrico’s inability to quit and his undying will to create his own destiny motivated him to continue investing time, money and energy. Eventually he ‘cracked the code’ for creating Multiple Streams of Automated Inome and is helping many more people achieve the same!

Today, Henrico is a catalyst for attaining new levels of Freedom and Abundance, a mentor to many, entrepreneur and a potent neuro-coach growing from strength to strength.

"I just want to say thank you for introducing me to one of the automated income platforms, I'm positive it will grow with time. 
Zarlene Zwalen - Mother - South-Africa
Cell +27 82 373 2575

"Thank you for that insightful webinar! We are now seeing everyday RESULTS with this. I'm very grateful...
-Javo Odendaal
Entrepreneur, South Africa
Cellphone +27 82 618 1441

I am still in the process of compounding up to my personal monthly goal
The reason being to relieve stress to perform every month to get a reasonable salary
I am currently at 50% of my goal and i hope to reach 100% by end of Feb next year

Pete - Financial Advisor

The Automated income webinar was my first step to understanding the opportunity and quit my job 5 months later. The odd jobs I do now is purely because of passion and not that I HAVE to. Working where I want to and when I want to. This is called FREEDOM!

Lynne Broodryk - Mother and Pilates instructor - South-Africa

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